J Bernardt (BE)

J Bernardt (BE)

J Bernardt (BE)

Acclaimed Belgian musician J Bernardt, best known as one half of the singer-songwriter duo behind popular alternative rock band Balthazar, returns to Bucharest this fall with a new album, for two consecutive shows – October 9 & 10 at Control Club.

Tickets for both shows are now available via Eventbook.ro.

* Presale: 85 RON (first 100 tickets) Afterwards, the price will go up to 100 RON per ticket.

J. Bernardt a.k.a. Jinte Deprez is something of a generalist: singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer, engineer, programmer. Whilst debut album Running Days is a melange of sound moulded by electronics, the new album Contigo, to be released in May 2024, is old-school band-based - namely a group of Deprez’s super-talented, friends that he guided through intense rehearsals and performances, “searching for that spark” as he says.

Contigo – Spanish for “with you” – is a dramatic, compelling and colourful body of work, infused with drama and brought to life by sumptuous melody, vocals and production flourishes from a master studio auteur as well as musical inventor and singer. Contigo explores all the phases of a break-up: shock, sadness, anger, denial, hurt, acceptance… and nails “viciously romantic” in the process.

Deprez is best known as one half of the singer-songwriter duo of Balthazar, one of Belgium’s most beloved and respected alt-rock bands for over two decades.


J Bernardt – Taxi (video) : https://youtu.be/u1h3SyyQLEU

J Bernardt – Wicked Streets (video) : https://youtu.be/_F5wKDNnyNQ

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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